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Something truly unique - a pencil holder made out of more than 2000 year old subfossil oak. This oak started to grow 160 years before Caesar was born. When Caesar was 30 years old, the tree disappeared underwater and mud - until 2017.


In 2017 was found, taken out, dried, and processed.


Finally, in 2021 you can have a piece of history straight on your desk.

The pencil holder is hand-crafted with precision, so the structure of subfossil wood is made visible. So you can clearly count the years.


This version is oiled  - wood is taken out,  dried over years, and oiled to give the wood exclusive black color and protection.


And in the middle - if 2000 year old is not enough for you - is a real iron-nickel meteorite.

Few bilion years old.


The lines/pattern you can see in the picture is the so-called Widmanstätten pattern and can only take place during very slow cooling - about ~1 °C/ 10.000 years with total cooling times of 10 million years. This structure cannot be reproduced in the laboratory. Check Wikipedia and enjoy!


One more surprise!

The meteorite is attached with a strong magnet, so you can detach it anytime and hold it in your hand - this is really cool  - feeling, how heavy the meteorite is.


Simple, powerful and cool.


Pencil holder - from 2000 year old wood and meteorite

    • 70 x 70 x 70 mm
    • in luxury packaging
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